Hungarian Far-Right wants Roma Forced into Camps

Neo-fascism in Europe:

“Some Hungarians resentful of their country’s large Roma minority want them forced to live in camps.

The leading far right Jobbik party has added its voice to others in Europe speaking out in favour of the French government’s Roma deportation policy.

Gabor Staudt, a candidate in upcoming local elections in Hungary, outlined what Jobbik calls public protection camps. He said: “This new institution would solve the lack of prison capacity.”

Staudt said he wanted to remind Hungary’s ruling centre-right Fidesz party that all the countries represented in the European People’s Party have “already realised these ideas in the 21st century; just let me mention Sarkozy in France, Berlusconi in Italy or an appropriate example in Finland.”

A Hungarian news agency cited a senior Jobbik figure as saying that attempts to integrate the Roma had failed and that segregation was the best tool to teach them to coexist with the majority…”

The Roma have also before been detained and ‘eradicated’ in concentration camps. Sometimes, history repeats itself…


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