Censored: On Thought Control In Israel

In July 2009, Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s spokesman, Yisrael Twito, said:

“After studying the matter with education experts it was decided that the term nakba should be removed. It is inconceivable that in Israel we would talk about the establishment of the state as a catastrophe.”

Henceforth, only praise for the Jewish state is allowed. Yet a passage in the “offending” textbook said the following:

“The Arabs call (the 1948) war the Nakba – a war of catastrophe, loss and humiliation – and the Jews call it the Independence War.”

Distorting and suppressing truth by “Nakba” denial doesn’t change it. It’s the Palestinian “Holocaust,” six months of horrific slaughter, mass atrocities, land theft, and displacement, turning historic Palestine into Israel, the crime and its importance never erased from the collective consciousness of new generations who teach it to their children.

Stephen Lendman

11 September 2010



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