In solidarity for Palestine, Asian activists announce caravan to Gaza

In a press conference in New Delhi, Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP) announces the launching of Asia to Gaza Solidarity Caravan.


Around 500 civilian activists from 17 Asian countries will launch a sea journey towards Gaza to break the Israeli blockade of the region. The month long ”caravan” that will be flagged off from New Delhi on December 2.


The Asia to Gaza Caravan will go through cities in Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey before taking the sea route to Gaza. The caravan will carry relief material for the besieged people of Gaza. It will spend 2 to 3 days in each of the 18 cities, meeting political activists, attending press conferences, doing road shows and other meetings. The Asian convoy will be joined by delegations and vehicles in each of the countries through which it passes.


The press statement read “APSP commits to build the solidarity of Asian people for the freedom of Palestine, provide materials, resources, and volunteers to support the struggle of the people of Palestine and oppose our own governments’ decisions and actions that give economic, financial, military and diplomatic support to Israel and allow it to behave with impunity.”



The Milli Gazette October 9, 2010.




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