Israel: An Ethno-Religious Demand

Palestinians have many reasons to totally reject the outrageous and totally illogical demand made by the Israeli prime minister that they recognize the Jewishness of Israel in return for the Israelis suspending their illegal settlement activities for a mere two months.


The conflict is national, focusing on the occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands, and the national right of Palestinians to establish their national (not ethnic) state.


By accepting the ethno-religious nature of Israel, the entire reference point for solving the conflict is put in total disarray.


No longer would international law or treaties be the legal basis for finding solutions. If Judaism is the reference point, then Israel’s demands for ownership of land take on a totally new dimension.


The occupied West Bank will become Judea and Samaria, the claimed ancestral lands of the Jews. Jewish claims might even go to locations in Lebanon and Jordan, if the Bible becomes a real estate deed…


Ma’an News Agency

October 14, 2010



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