PKK invites Danish prosecutors to Qandil Mountains

PKK’s acting leader Murat Karayilan invited Danish prosecutors to Qandil Mountains saying that they can testify before court for the case against Kurdish satellite TV channel.

Speaking to ANF Turkish Service Karayilan said that they are open to any kind of investigation by the Danish authorities and invited the prosecutors to Qandil.

Karayilan claimed that former director of Roj TV Manouchehr Zoonoozi’s family were threatened by Iran before his testimonial against Roj TV and said “This plan is a complott organized by Iranian and Turkish intelligence services.”

Karayilan confirmed that he met Zoonoozi in 2006 and Zoonoozi’s intentions were only visiting the guerilla territories like hundreds of Kurds do every year. He accused Zoonoozi for lying about the purposes of his visit to Qandil and said that his statements are completely not true.

Karayilan said that there is no direct connection with the PKK and Roj TV especially in financial and administrative aspects.

“We have no financial sources here in Qandil to finance a television” he said.

Karayilan added that he trusts Danish democracy and law and believes that the court will decide against the false claims.

He also said that there are no child soldiers among the PKK fighters.


16 October 2010


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