Turkish military continues operation against Kurdish PKK

The Turkish military is continuing a wide-based operation against the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party, or PKK, in the rural areas of the southeastern province Şırnak. The autumn operation is ongoing in many locations including Mount Judi and Mount Küpeli.

The rural areas of Şırnak have many locations for PKK members to cross the border. Sikorsky helicopters based at the Şırnak 23rd Border Division Command are transporting troops to strategic locations as part of the anti-PKK offensive. Cobra helicopters are being used to target areas where PKK members are detected. Armed vehicles have been transferred to the area from the Cizre province Tank Battalion.

The PKK has declared a unilateral ceasefire until Oct. 31, but the Turkish military has continued operations against it.

Saturday night, a police station in Tunceli was allegedly attacked by PKK members. An officer was wounded in the incident. The officer was on guard at the entrance of the station and was taken to the hospital via military helicopter. An anti-PKK operation began afterwards, with assistance of Sikorsky and Cobra helicopters, and resulted in the death of one suspected assailant.


October 24, 2010

Istanbul – Daily News with wires



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