PKK Leader: US and EU Prevent Any Solution in Kurdish Problem

PKK Leader Murat Karayilan argues that the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) are against any solution of the Kurdish problem.

Murat  Karayilan in his interview to the Turkish daily Radikal said “this problem was created by them (the US and the EU), and they continue their policies in order to keep the problem alive. If the US and the EU wants to solve this problem, they can solve it, but they do not want to solve it because they have interests in deadlock. Those who are against Turkey want to keep this problem (Kurdish problem) as a card against Turkey. If the problems here are solved the peoples would not need them. These states rule the world in this way: They first create a problem and then make the problems incurable in order to save their economic and political hegemony over the world.”

PKK is considered as terrorist organization by Turkey, EU, US, Iran, Syria and many other states.

The PKK terrorism cost more than 5500 civilian lives since 1980s. More than 4.000 PKK armed militants are based in Northern Iraq and make attacks against Turkey. The US named the PKK as “enemy of the US”, yet no single PKK militant was killed or injured by the US since 2003.

PKK has a TV station, Roj TV, which broadcasts through satellite from Denmark.

Nilgun Gulcan

30 October 2010

Turkish Weekly: JTW is an USAK publication. JTW is the oldest online English newspaper of Turkey.


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