The Present Ceasefire is the Last Chance

Leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party Abdullah Ocalan, through his lawyers, warned the ruling Justice and Development Party that present ceasefire is the last chance.

Ocalan said that the Kurdish people do not intend to establish a separate state, adding “We are for living in Turkey after democratic values demanded by our people are set. Let the Turkish society know about it.”

Abdullah Ocalan stressed he is giving a chance to the Justice and Development Party. “It is already for 8 years that I have been giving a chance to Erdogan. Every time, they come and ask “Let these elections pass” or “Wait for the next elections”. Today we are also told to wait till the elections. At the moment dialogue with the Turkish government is growing into talks. I was visited by serious officials,” Ocalan stated, warning it is another chance for the ruling party. Otherwise, internal clashes are inevitable.

Talks between Turkish government and Abdullah Ocalan have been recently intensified. Talking to the journalists, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed rumors on holding negotiations with Ocalan.

Armenia News

November 5, 2010


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