Write a Letter to a Palestinian Prisoner

Given the issue and condition of the Palestinian prisoners in the Zionist Entity jails, and in an expression of love and loyalty to their steadfastness and sacrifices, we decided to take part in an awesome campaign to prove our freedom fighters that they are not forgotten, that we stand with them, and fight for their liberation.

This campaign aims to consolidate the bonds between over 8000 Palestinian and Arab prisoners in the Zionist Entity jails and the supporters of freedom and justice and to raise awarness about their condition all around the world.

Details and guidelines for participants:

  • Letters should be written and addressed to specific prisoners/ detainees (find the names of the prisoners on http://www.freedom.ps)
  • Letters could also be sent to the following e-mail: writealetter2010@gmail.com
  • Letters should contain names of the prisoner/detainee, and the prison/detention center if known
  • Letters preferred to be written in ARABIC, but English letters will be delivered too.
  • Letters content is simply “a solidarity message”. It could be short as “Freedom soon” or long enough to be “poem”.
  • Write your name, and your country at the end of the letter
  • All the messages will be sent to the detainees on November, 29th – International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People
  • The campaign started on 01-November-2010 and goes on until 15-November 2010.
  • For twitter users, please use the hashtag: #PalDetainees

No matter your nationality, religion, sex and color, we call on you all to speak up and say enough silence, enough injustice, enough suffering of human beings deprived from their basic rights; open those cells.

Use your words to bring warmth and draw the world’s attention against a blatant denial of human rights in the prisons of the Occupation, seize your chance to deliver your personal messages to the detainees directly.


PalDetainees – Voices from Behind the Bars: http://paldetainees.wordpress.com/




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