Butchers Persecute and Accuse Their Victims!

Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, former president of the UN General Assembly, appeals to free Tariq Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq before 2003 invasion. Tariq Aziz is now sentenced to execution.  Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann’s message:

“I am, to put it merely, extremely sad and angry to see yet another great injustice perpetrated by the United States, who, in my country alone Nicaragua, recently promoted, directed, armed and financed an undeclared war of aggression that resulted in the death of 50000 people.

This time, the action that I am referring too was taken against a very dear friend of mine, a fellow Christian, with whom I often went to church, Tareq Aziz, former prime minister of Iraq.

By wilfully insuring an unfair trial the US is responsible for the now planned summary and extra judicial execution of Tareq Aziz. In so doing, the USA has committed a great breach of the 3rd and 4th Geneva Convention which cynically enough the United States claims to be committed to searching for, persecuting and punishing individuals who commit those serious international crimes.

In compliance with what the United Nations Working Group on arbitrary detention has noted concerning the illegal nature, lack of due process and fairness in the trial of Tareq Aziz, the US has the moral and legal obligation to see that Tareq Aziz is immediately set free.

We are sick and tired of cases where the butchers persecute and accuse their victims…”


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