The Kurdish Struggle: We Need A Truth and Reconciliation Commission!

Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan calls for creation of a Truth Commission to end the 30 year old armed conflict between Turkey and the PKK. He said the guerrilla forces might withdraw to South Kurdistan only if the Truth Commission becomes functional and reconciliation is reached between Turks and Kurds.


During his weekly meeting with his lawyers Ocalan said he wants to end the armed conflict in principle. But the creation and work of a Truth and Reconcialition Commission is vital to move the peace process forward he insisted. He said the creation of such a commission is possible only if the Turkish parliament takes initiative.


He pointed the experience in South Africa where the Truth and Reconciliation Commission led by prominent cleric Desmond Tutu played a key role in peace building process. Ocalan mentioned the commission could be on the agenda of the negotiations, which are held by Turkish officials with him in Imralı High Security Prison.


Abdullah Ocalan said Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) and Peace and Democracy Party’s (BDP) public messages carry a significant importance in the peace process. He called the Kurdish politicians who are standing trial in so-called KCK case “political hostages” and said the Turkish state is trying to degenerate Kurdish legal movement.


He also gave support to the Kurdish politicians who insist to speak Kurdish at the courtroom. 152 prominent Kurdish politicians are standing trial in Diyarbakir for being a member of an illegal organization. They demand to make their defence speeches in Kurdish which Turkish judges repeatedly denied. Ocalan also called for creation of a democratic autonomy constitution and said that Kurds need to organize themselves in every aspect to govern themselves. Democratic autonomy is a self-governing model for Kurdish people.


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Posted: Hevallo, November 18, 2010


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