Éirígí: For an all-Ireland Democratic Socialist Republic

“If the men of property will not support us, they must fall. Our strength shall come from that great and respectable class, the men of no property.” – Theobald Wolfe Tone

éirígí is an Irish socialist republican political party formed in Dublin in April 2006 – coinciding with the ninetieth anniversary of the 1916 Rising. éirígí wants to see an end to the British occupation of the Six Counties and the dismantling of the unjust socio-economic system that currently exists in both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties.

éirígí supports the creation of a new all-Ireland Democratic Socialist Republic based on the principles of sovereignty, democracy, liberty, justice, equality, community and international solidarity.

éirígí believes that such a republic represents the only viable model for the people of Ireland to reach their fullest potential, both collectively as a nation and as individual human beings.

éirígí believes that true freedom, from the British occupation and the capitalist system, can only be achieved through the building of an Irish revolutionary mass movement; a movement made up of millions of free citizens organised into an effective political force, capable of breaking the bonds of imperialism and economic exploitation.

But every movement of millions begins with the individual. It begins with one person deciding that they can no longer stand by and watch exploitation, discrimination, inequality and corruption taking place all around them. It begins with one person deciding to take a stand and fight back.

éirígí is made up of ordinary people who want to see a new Ireland – where national democracy is restored, where workers are not exploited, where the wealth of the country is owned and controlled by the many and not the privileged few. People who have had enough of the gombeen politicians looking after their cronies in the banks and big business. People like you!

éirígí is organised in Ciorcail Áitiúla (local branches) which are responsible for organising the party and campaigns within the local community. This can involve handing out leaflets, organising meetings, putting up posters, taking part in protests, working with residents groups and a wide range of other activities.

éirígí members are also active in many other spheres of Irish society including the community and voluntary sector, the trade unions, and the Irish language movement.

Unlike most other Irish political parties éirígí has a ‘bottom –up’ ethos, where the general membership decide the direction the party will take. Important decisions relating to strategy, policy and the election of the national leadership are decided on the basis of one member – one vote.

If you are interested in joining éirígí, or if you want to support éirígí in some way, please email: eirigimembership@gmail.com



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