A Rebel: Jhansi Ki Rani

Her name is commonplace throughout India, renowned as a leader of the rebellion against the British Empire.


In her brief time she casts aside many conventions to unite peoples of all castes and religions in her cause. She put aside purdah, and encourages other women to do the same.  She cuts across the social norms of the time, refusing to accept her fate ‘as a woman’.


She trains women to fight in the struggle against the Empire.  She rides into battle to save Gwalior Fort, about 120 miles west of Lucknow in what is now the state of Uttar Pradesh. She dies on 17 June 1858 during the battle.


In a report from the battle, a British general comments that Rani was “remarkable for her beauty, cleverness and perseverance” and had been “the most dangerous of all the rebel leaders.”



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