PFLP: The US is no longer an honest mediator in the peace process

Senior official of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine Maher Al-Taher said that Washington no longer serves as an honest mediator in the peace process for it fully stands by Israel and works on liquidating the Palestinian cause.

In a press statement to Palestine newspaper, Taher added that the US proposal for a three-month settlement freeze in exchange for military, political and financial privileges to be given to Israel is a new chapter of the Zio-American play that is aimed at activating the stalled peace process.

He emphasized that the US has become a party hostile to the Palestinian people and their national rights through its obvious bias in favor of Israel and the pressures it makes on the Palestinian side.

The PFLP official noted that the peace process between Fatah’s authority and the Israeli occupation state has reached an impasse and described the previous rounds of peace talks as nonsense and a waste of time that enable the Israeli side to impose a fait accompli on the ground.

In another context, the Jerusalem committee of the Palestinian ministry of religious affairs revealed that there are American companies helping Israeli organizations to Judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem, and purchase and seize Jerusalemite citizens’ real estate.

The committee added in a statement that these companies fund Zionist Judaization organizations such as Elad and Attiyrat Cohanim societies, which oversee about 70 settlement outposts in Jerusalem, 40 in Silwan and Ras Al-Amud districts and 20 others in the neighborhoods of Al-Thawri, Jabal Zeitoun and Sheikh Jarrah.

It appealed to all Arab, Muslim, European officials as well as the American administration to bring the Zio-American millionaire Irving Moskowitz to justice and stop dealing with his companies for supporting these Zionist organizations in their Judaization and settlement schemes in Jerusalem.

Damascus (PIC)

November 25, 2010


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