PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release Nov 27, 2010 Israeli Palestinian Confederation

210 Israelis and Palestinians

have announced their candidacy for the first

Israeli Palestinian Confederation Elections,

which will take place on

December 12, 2012


210 Palestinians and Israelis have already offered their willingness to become candidates for Parliament and President in the first Israeli Palestinian Confederation government.  Palestinians and Israelis alike are also registering to become voters in the FIRST Israeli Palestinian Confederation elections which will take place almost two and half years from now on December 12, 2012.  We anticipate several hundred candidates for the 300 parliament districts and over 100 candidates for President and Vice President. We also anticipate several hundred thousand Palestinian and Israeli voters.


The Israeli Palestinian Confederation will be an independent government, mutual to the Palestinian and Israeli people. It does not intend to replace or undermine the existing Israeli or Palestinian governments. The Israeli Palestinian Confederation will become an additional government necessary to fill in the current void and make peace. Our Constitution and the Frequently Asked Questions are available on

In the next two and half years, Palestinians and Israeli citizens who reside in the regions will continue to offer their candidacy for President and for Parliament in each of the determined 300 districts. Each Parliament member will represent a population of over 35,000 people and will serve a period of four years.


The President will be serving a term of two years and will then rotate with his Vice President for an additional two years. The President and Vice President must include an Israeli and a Palestinian Citizen.


All the candidates, along with their personal biographies, photos, and mission statements are now appearing on our website at


The elections will be a momentous and historical event!

For more information, contact:


Josef Avesar, Esq.

Mobile: 1-818-324-3182

Office: 1-818-783-2934



Aymen Zaben

Mobile: 1-201-925-4738



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