PKK accuses Europe of colluding with Turkey against Kurds

A top army officer from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) accused the European countries of “perusing the Turkish scheme against Kurds.”

Dozdar Hamo, a top PKK filed officer said instructed by the Turkish state, the European countries “crack down on” the Kurdish expatriates in their counties.

The PKK is defied as a “terrorist” organization by Turkey, the U.S and the UK. The party took arms against the Turkish government in 1984 and since then is struggling for the rights of 20 million Kurds that the Turkish constitution has not recognized.

Hamo referred to the recent “unsubstantiated” arrests of Kurds in Europe as a sign for a “Turkish-led conspiracy.”

Monday night the French counter-terrorism service arrested six members of the PKK in Marseille to be trailed. In November three other supporters were also captured.

The officer criticized France and the UK for “forcing down” the PKK supporters and members on different pretexts. He accused the French top officials of “hypocrisy” for pretending to be “friends with Kurds” while “applying Turkish agenda”.

Karzan Karimn

Erbil, Dec.8, 2010


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