Imprisoned Abdullah Ocalan: The Kurdish People are building a Democratic Nation

During his weekly meeting with his lawyers, the imprisoned Abdulllah Ocalan said Kurdish democratic autonomy is the political definition of the democratic nation project.

“We want to build a democratic nation. I mean what Kurds demand is building a democratic nation. We want to build a democratic nation in every aspect. Our project is all based on the will of Kurdish people,” he said.

Ocalan defended the self-defence aspect of democratic autonomy saying that it’s a vital part of the project as well as economic, cultural, social, politic and law aspects. He also mentioned that the Kurds in the cities must be organized to defend themselves.

Kurdish leader also called Democratic Society Congress to speed up its efforts on building a democratic nation.

Ocalan called Kurdish politicians to discuss the project with Kurdish people by organizing conferences and meetings in the Kurdish region.

About the extension of unilateral ceasefire, which was declared by the Kurdistan Worker Party Ocalan, said they will wait at most until June 2011 for Turkish government to show their good will in solving Kurdish Question with peaceful means.

He said a war, which will take hundreds of lives in a day, might break out if Turkish state won’t take steps for the solution of the Kurdish Question.

Ocalan also harshly criticized Turkish authorities for detaining Kurdish mayors. He said the government is trying to provoke Kurds to take up arms and fight against the state. “The arrests of elected representatives shows the will to continue war with Kurdish people. (Turkey) They must stop these arrests,” he said.


December 13, 2010


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