For a Free Palestine!

The simple and overriding truth is this: Palestinians must be free. This moral prerogative remains the driving force for every aspect of Palestinian political, social, cultural, and artistic expression.

There is nothing peculiar or unique about the Palestinian drive for liberty in their own land – the land of their fathers, grandfathers, and their grandfathers. The basic human impulse for freedom is shared by every man, woman, and child around the globe. This is why the Palestinian struggle for freedom has become so iconic throughout the world for those concerned with justice and civil rights.

From Brazil to Turkey, from Indonesia to South Africa, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Kingdom, Palestinians stand as an icon for the responsibility of each of us to work for the freedom of any who remain oppressed.

The Palestinian goal is to be free; free to live in their own country, free to build where they want, free to travel wherever and whenever they want, free to only pay taxes to a government chosen by the people and that represents them and their interests, free to not worry every day and every minute about our security and the security of their children.

This week’s report by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel documenting Israel’s detention of over 1,000 Palestinian children from East Jerusalem this year alone cannot but break the heart of any parent, and reinforces the urgency of the struggle.



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