Red carnations in January: For Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg!

The second Sunday of January sees tens of thousands of young and old, antifascists, trade unionists, socialists and activists of social movements gather every year in Berlin to commemorate Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht’s January 1919 murder.

Thousands lay down red carnations at Berlin’s Socialist Memorial.

Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht lose their lives only a few weeks after they form, together with others, the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). They are deeply involved in the revolutionary struggle, which breaks out the previous November. It ends the First World War, brings down the German monarchy and puts the question of a socialist workers’ republic on the agenda.

To this day, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg are seen as fighters against war and capitalism. They are still an inspiration to continue the work of building a socialist movement today.


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