Humanity’s Dilemma: Reconciling Two Paradigms

There is only one problem facing humanity today in its struggle for future survival and it is not overpopulation, running out of oil and/or other fossil fuels, running out of water to drink or grow food, global warming, destruction of the soil of the earth which is used to grow food, pollution of the oceans, loss of fish as a source of food, the chance of war and the struggle for peace, or anything else.

The only problem facing humanity today is how to bring the human paradigm into agreement with the paradigm of nature with the least amount of death and destruction. And the agreement must last as long as the human species exists. At present the two competing paradigms are attempting to control the future of humanity and they cannot be reconciled. One paradigm must lose out to the other paradigm. Humanity’s supposed intelligence will not change the determination of the winner. As an aside, which is not important in relation to this essay, is the fact that humanity’s intelligence is vastly overstated -just look at the portion of the American population, which denies evolution and believes in creationism.

Nature’s paradigm understands that the earth cannot and will not support continued population and/or economic growth. Humanity’s paradigm requires continual and never ending economic and population growth, in direct conflict with nature’s paradigm.

In the current economic crisis almost every country and probably all the industrialized countries have taken steps to stimulate their economies without making a determination as to what level of economic activity is best for the long term (say 5,000 years—in reality a very short period of time when you consider that the dinosaurs ruled the earth for about 160 million years) survival of humankind. While many people understand that population growth must cease if humanity is to survive, no action has been taken on a worldwide basis which will insure that population growth is reduced to zero within the next fifty years. Nature’s paradigm cannot and will not wait even twenty years before the horrible destruction of humanity commences.

In order for humanity to conform it’s paradigm to nature’s paradigm every aspect of humanity society will have to be evaluated and most likely changed. Every aspect of morality, charity, government, religion, politics, philosophy, etc. will have to be evaluated and revised in almost an instant of time. That is the problem facing humanity.

Jason G. Brent

12 January, 2011


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