Puppets of Power: Coup d’état against Salvador Allende

The United States government has been involved in the overthrow of foreign governments without the overt use of U.S. military force.

Often such operations are tasked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Many of the governments targeted by the US are democratically elected, rather than authoritarian governments or military dictatorships. In many cases the governments toppled are replaced by dictatorships.

The U.S. Government’s hostility to the election of Socialist President Salvador Allende government is substantiated in documents declassified during the Clinton administration ; involving the CIA, which show that covert operatives are inserted in Chile, in order to prevent a Marxist government from arising and for the purpose of spreading anti-Allende propaganda.

According to the 1975 Church Commission Report, covert United States involvement in Chile in the decade between 1963 and 1973 is extensive and continuous. The Central Intelligence Agency spends eight million dollars in the three years between 1970 and the military coup in September 1973, with over three million in 1972 alone.



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