From Beer Hall to Berlin: The Farce of Fascism

In Germany, Bavaria is a hotbed of groups opposed to the democratic government in Berlin.

Adolf Hitler and his followers hatch a plot to kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government and force them at gunpoint to accept Hitler as their leader. With the aid of General Erich Ludendorff they will win over the German army, proclaim a nationwide revolt and bring down the German democratic government in Berlin.

On November 9, 1923, Hitler and his followers interrupt a meeting of government officials at a beer hall in Munich.

“The National Revolution has begun!” Hitler shouts. “…No one may leave the hall. Unless there is immediate quiet I shall have a machine gun posted in the gallery. The Bavarian and Reich governments have been removed and a provisional national government formed. The barracks of the Reichswehr and police are occupied. The Army and the police are marching on the city under the swastika banner!”

None of this is true, but those in the beer hall could not know otherwise.

The crowd in the beer hall roar their approval and sing “Deutschland über Alles.” Hitler is euphoric. Tomorrow he might actually be dictator of Germany.

With the collapse of the bear hall ‘putsch’, it appears to most observers that Hitler’s political career has come to a laughable end.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Hitler is sentenced to five years in jail, but serves only nine months due to a special amnesty.

Later, he takes power with all is tragic consequences.


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