Armenian National Congress: Egypt may become accelerator for Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Egyptians’ rage arouses admiration, said Armenian oppositionist commenting on recent anti-governmental riots, which broke out in Egypt.

“We can just admire organizational skills of Egyptians,” said Alexander Arzumanyan, member of the Armenian National Congress and former Armenian Foreign Minister. Arzumanyan noted he dislikes that certain media outlets are using the word “chaos” to describe events in Egypt.

“It is a trap set by Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak. He tried to prove the world community chaos will break out without his rule,” Arzumanyan stressed.

Alexander Arzumanyan welcomes army’s non-interference with the events, saying Egypt plays a major role in the region and the developments will affect the whole Arab world. “Egypt may become accelerator for such countries as Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan. No one can rule out the possibility a free Kurdistan may be established after these events,” he concluded.

The Armenian National Congress is an oppositional union founded in 2008 headed by first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Oppositional union comprises 17 political parties.

February 04, 2011


Information-Analytic Agency


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