Kurdish deputy refuses visit to Iran: Stop the executions!

A deputy from the Social Democratic Party (BDP) in Turkey said he will not accompany the Turkish President Abduallh Gül in his visit to Iran in protest to the Islamic Republic of Iran’ persistence on execution of Kurds. The deputy also declared his resignation from the Turkish-Iranian Friendship Association (TIFA).

Gül is expected to visit Iran February 13-16.

Speaking to AKnews, Akın Birdal the deputy from the Kurdish populated Diyarbakir province, described the execution of Kurdish activists “political crimes by the Islamic state and a clear violation of human rights.”

The deputy referred to the recently hanged Kurdish activists in Iran, Hossein Khezri and Ehsan Fatahian, and declared his resignation from the TIFA, “because keeping silent against the continual executions in Iran while being a member in the group, means sanctioning the act.”

The two activists were hanged allegedly for having links with the Kurdish dissident groups.

The Kurdish deputy added initially he intended to join Gül in the visit to tell the Islamic republic’s president, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad about Kurdish people’s concerns in Turkey over the executions in Iran. However, when he was confident his appeal will be to no avail he decided to condemn the “crimes” by abstaining from the visit and his resignation.

The execution of Hossein Khezri sparked tens of protest demonstration across the Kurdish populated areas in Iraq and especially Turkey. Kurdish Diaspora also spoke out against the “violation” in demonstrations.

Ankara, February 7, 2011




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