Statement of the Communist Party of Turkey: All the Pharaohs of the world will be defeated!

After Tunisia, the toiling masses of Egypt have also been rallying for days on the streets against the dictator who has been ruling his country for thirty years with oppression, exploitation and collaborationism. The revolt of the Tunisian people and the Egyptian people flooding the streets shows how capable the rebellion of the toiling masses to change the life. The notion of revolution, in other words the idea that a labourers’ power is possible, is shaking the world once again. Toiling masses is entering the scene of politics once again in an effective manner. All the pharaohs of the world is watching the return of toiling masses to the political sphere, whom they pushed out for decades, on the ragged edge.

Doubtlessly imperialism, especially its leading actor United States, is doing what it can no matter what it takes in order to prevent the notion of “revolution” to blossom in the hearts and minds of the humanity. The U.S. government, which has been supporting the Mubarak regime, that is one of the most important allies of Israel in the region, for decades, has made statements against the popular revolt right after it broke out. After that, when the U.S. administration realized that the rage of the people will not calm down easily and once the notion of revolution comes into the hearts and minds of the people, it cannot be extirpated straightforwardly, it started to make statements as if it is supporting the revolt, while accelerating its efforts to push forward its cadres that will render the revolution more “colourful”, that will vest it with “velvet”. When it realizes that the rage of the people will not calm down easily, imperialism sees no harm in striking out the dictators it nurtures for decades. They do so in order to place new ones in their place. Besides, imperialism once again proved that it is not backward in coming forward when it tried to create the image that it has been guiding the revolting poor, especially the youth, with the documents it intentionally leaked to the press. The real source of Mubarak’s power, imperialism and Zionism, is doing what it can so as to put the fire of revolution off.

The events we have been witnessing first in Tunisia then in Egypt prove that nothing can stand in front of the mighty power of the toiling masses; no tyrant, no pharaoh can stand in front of the rage of the poor. Our brothers and sisters in Tunisia and Egypt show that “revolution can be made”.

However, imperialism ingeniously manufactures new tyrants, new dictators. Falling into the clutches of another tyrant after getting rid of the old is not the destiny of humanity, of toiling masses. The pharaohs of our day must be defeated and will be defeated together with the source that creates and nurtures them.

The real origin of the daring that the U.S. bred contemporary pharaohs of our country to create the image that they are on the side of the Arabic people can also be found in this instance. The only force that can prevent those who make the lives of millions of laborers miserable to present themselves as heroes to other peoples that rally against oppression, exploitation, inequality, injustice and tyranny , is the laborers; the toiling masses of Turkey. Our Tunisian and Egyptian brothers and sisters show the power of the masses; that it is possible to make the revolution. Revolution can be made. In our country too…

The labourers of Turkey uniting and rallying around this fact will be the most fatal blow to imperialism’s attempts to substitute one tyrant with another so as to defeat the revolution from within. Doubtlessly, not only the tyrants in this or that country, but all the pharaohs of the world will be defeated.

Communist Party of Turkey

Central Committee

February 2011


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