Echo: Kurds in Turkey, Syria, and Iran should revolt, as well!

Kurds, who constitute 40 million stateless people in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq should also rise up and seize this never-repeating opportunity to spread their message across the globe. No nation, no people, no ethnicity, and no nationality has ever been as much subdued, repressed and marginalized as the Kurds.

As interpreted from most media outlets, the emergent uprisings in Arab states are referred to by “Arab Revolutions”, implying they are mostly confined to Arab states since they initially were inflamed by Arab masses. Ousting totalitarian regimes and economic dislocations and disequilibria’s are their key slogans.

The French, the Russian revolution, the American revolutions nor the recent embryonic revolutions in Arab land are comparable to Kurdish revolutions in significance and magnitude. The 40 million Kurds are yet demanding for the grant of their most fundamental inherent rights. The number of preceding Kurdish revolutions surpasses the history of revolutions of any state or nation. Due to global complicity and duplicity, Kurdish uprisings never could draw as much focus and popularity as some. The Kurds true allies were only the Kurds themselves who were in worse circumstances than one another.

Sometimes revolutions naturally crystallize, and sometimes they are synthetically made to crystallize. The rationales of revolutions can easily be confounded, misconstrued or hijacked by others for other reasons. Some revolutions can backfire as some prominent politicians and scholars argue about the possible contrary domino effect of ongoing democratic revolutions in Arab world, fearing that Islamic radicalisation might skyjack the noble cause of democracy.

Given Kurdish people elapsed and continuing history of suppression, aspirations and the model of South Kurdistan (Iraq), there is no odds of any alternate form of system of government being tolerated or able to endure in the modern Kurdish era exclusive of a truly democratic state.

Kurdish populace should take to the streets in Damascus, Ankara and Tehran in numbers, and with doggedness, vent their strong opposition with the political status quo’

Strong Western democracies should genuinely empower and pilot the newly triggered struggle of oppressed nations, endeavouring to emancipate themselves from the yoke of authoritarianism, debauchery and socio-economic injustice regardless of ethnicity, colour, nationality or religion, including the century old struggle of one of the most-deserving people in the world i.e. the Kurds.

No real revolution can survive without the necessary support from international community. All democracy and peace-loving individuals, organizations and governments must get involved.

Peace, democracy, human rights, freedom for all!

Baqi Barzani

February 18, 2011

Kurdish Aspect


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