Keep Hope Alive: Planting the Olive Tree in Palestine!

Over a million olive trees have been uprooted and destroyed by Israel since it was created in 1948. Almost half of these olive trees were uprooted since the start of the 2nd Intifada  – the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli Military Occupation – in 2000.

Disrespecting its religious, cultural, natural, nutritious and economic value, the olive tree has been constantly targeted by the Israeli military occupation under the guise of security, the construction of the Wall on Palestinian lands, and the expansion of Israeli settlements. The destruction of olive trees has had intentional and destructive results on the lives of many Palestinian farmers, landowners and the Palestinian population in general.

For these reasons and many others, the Olive Tree Campaign was launched in 2001 as a positive response to systematic destruction by addressing the needs of affected farmers. The Olive Tree Campaign uses the olive tree as a tool to advocate for the Palestinians right to peace with justice.

Successful seasons of planting have helped hundreds of Palestinian farmers and landowners, and brought awareness to an expanding international network of friends and partners about the real life of the Palestinians who have been striving for peace with justice for more than half of a century.

Alternative Tourism Group – Palestine

The Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) is a Palestinian NGO specialised in tours that present a critical look at the history, culture and politics of Palestine and its complex relationship with Israel. Located in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem, the ATG was founded as a non-profit tourist agency in 1995, when many Palestinians felt that their contemporary culture and the political realities they were living did not find adequate expression in conventional pilgrim-oriented tourism.

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  1. Thanks. Published it on
    (March to Gaza – End Mubarak’s Egyptian Blockade of Gaza – Ken O’Keefe


  2. Why is it that I am not surprised? They murder with lust, so what is a tree?


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