For the Defence of the Iranian Nations’ Political Prisoners

For ages, Iran, our tyrannized homeland has been dodged in a prolonged narration of conflict between civility and barbarism, liberty and tyranny, justice and prejudice as a turbulent course of its history. Iran is a land blessed with variety of colours, cultures, beliefs, languages, religions, races and diverse people; hence, it has been a cradle of peaceful coexistence of nations with various cultures in the course of its long history.

Recognizing the diversity of cultures and nations existing in today’s Iran, and revitalizing the essence of modern cultural and political pluralism in the heart of this multi-national homeland can be the nurturing ground for the spread of democracy in a region that the rampant reign of dictatorship and totalitarianism has stood against democracy and equality.

The regime of Islamic Republic of Iran has not only not considered this diversity of cultures and nations as an asset to institute stability and democracy, but also, the regime has regarded it as an on-going threat to maintain and sustain its totalitarianism and omnipotence, and executes and sentences the activists of freedom and equality labelling them as the enemies of God, foreign agents, separatists and etc… utilizing medieval punishments of torture and lengthy imprisonments to prevent any cracks in its velayet-e-faghih and theocratic rule.

In such an atmosphere, instead of listening to the political, civil, cultural (linguistic and religious) and human rights demands of the political activists of the Iranian nations, it categorizes them as villains that deserve multi-layered reprimands. In the 32 years of this regime’s reign, every year hundreds of civil, cultural and political activists belonging to these nations have been summoned, interrogated and brutally tortured by the security establishment of the regime. The depiction of these superfluous retributions that are often coupled with heavy sentences of execution, unfair prison terms and other social and economic penalties for these activists comprises the majority of media coverage of Iran events under the regime of Islamic Republic.

It is evident that the ruling political establishment and its correlation with the subordinate judicial system that adheres to the discriminatory and outdated laws of the regime of Islamic Republic is the origin of all these abuses against the people of Iran, its nations in particular who face multi-layered oppression as women do in Iran.

As a result, we as the members of the Campaign for the Defence of Iranian Nations’ Political Prisoners in the course of defending the rights of the nations’ political prisoners and supporting their rightful demands in Iran in accordance with the Universal Declarations of Human Rights demand the abolition of all the discriminatory laws and accords of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the unconditional release of all the prisoners of consciousness and the abolition of their death sentences. We call upon all freedom-minded citizens, human rights activists, international community and organizations to support us in defending the human rights of Iranian nations’ political prisoners captive in the notorious dungeons of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Campaign for the Defence of Iranian Nations’ Political Prisoners along with condemning the execution of the political, cultural and civil activists of the Iranian nations, draws everyone’s attention to the eminent dangers confronting the lives of many political and civil activists in the prisons of the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran, and calls upon the world freedom activists and defenders of human rights to strive to thwart the policy of the regime in Iran in turning Iran into the largest prison in the world for the political and conscious prisoners of diverse nations living in Iran.

Campaign for the Defence of Iranian Nations’ Political Prisoners

Medya News

15 March 2011



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