Jayne Qumsieh: Tonight My Soul – A Desperate Love Poem for Palestine

Tonight my soul got very drunk my love
In every cup, my sorrows I try to rid of.
But I have reached my 100th cup now
And my anguish still lingers somehow.

I live an over dosage of gloomy feelings
To this life without you, I just find no meaning
To inescapable drinking I am now convicted
I fear I’ve become hopelessly addicted

Yes, like a true addict I take more sips of you
To cure my intoxicating thoughts of you
But how am I ever to sober up
When it’s your sweet face I see in every cup?

And at times I feel so fatally numb
Merely ashes of a shattered woman
Telling the roaming spirits of my desperate pleas
Ah she’s lost her mind, everyone agrees

But what do they know about my agony?
Or the slow emptiness that fills up my entity?
For you were closer than my own breath to me
And without you, I just feel like a moving amputee

My sweet, I am growing tired of this deathful peace
Take me in your arms like an ancient lover of Greece
For the silent tranquillity of my nights is so disturbing
And the shadowed light of my days is so overbearing

For even when people say you’re in a better place
In my heart, I know it’s just a charity case
“My dear, may his soul rest in peace”
Oh but I disagree; I selfishly want it on release

I demand your soul to forever haunt mine down
As I await you wearing your favourite gown
To dance every step of my life away with you
The memories of our lost love won’t just do

And even though I know by now you’ve walked amongst gods
I still beg you to come back and give me our peaceful chaos
Let the gods curse us into a lifetime of immortality
So I never have to grow old and bitter at your death penalty

My darling, please forgive my volcanic emotional eruption
But your untimely death left me in absolute famine
And sometimes a drunk soul speaks a sober mind
To dreaming of you with me I am forever consigned

And though I know for your absence I shall find no answer
I will still take my risks like a relentless gambler
And when tomorrow I wake up disappointed
And read back those lines I boldly blurted

I will remind myself of the world’s most savage mercy
And the hardest lesson ever taught in history
That God never gives you more than you were designed to carry
Yeah, I ponder upon it as I pour down my morning glass of whiskey…

Jayne Qumsieh is a 23-year-old Palestinian from Beit Sahour near Bethlehem in the West Bank.


Maan News Agency

March 14, 2011



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jane Qumsieh on March 19, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Thank you for posting my poem 🙂


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