Communist Party of Egypt: For the People!

The communist party of Egypt has held an extensive meeting with all of its various bodies, and decided unanimously to proclaim the public presence of the party’s activity in parallel with the new climate, created by the January 25 revolution.

The party has avowed that is a step to continue the communists’ march of struggle, which began in the 20’s of the last century, in spite of the formal exclusion from legitimacy, practiced against it by the authoritarian regimes throughout the last decades.

The Communist Party of Egypt, re-instituted in 1975, derives its public legitimacy – which is the true legitimacy – from its struggle and its historic relation to the Egyptian working class, and the political and social aspirations of the Egyptian people and toilers, from its sons, who are yearning for a new society dominated with freedom, justice, dignity, and getting rid of the constraint of dependency, tyranny, and oppression.

The party has asserted that it will hold its general conference around putting its program of action and organizational structure, aiming at accomplishing the goals of the revolution in coming period.

Communist Party of Egypt

March 19, 2011


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