Palestinians Start Hunger Strike in Israeli Prisons

Palestinian detainees in five Israeli jails have started hunger strikes in protest against their inhuman treatment and in solidarity with Hamas leaders Ahmed Saadat and Abbas al-Sayyad.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club stated that prisoners at Nafha, Ramon, Eichel and Ashkelon prisons and some parts of the Negev prison are to refuse meals from today in protest against Israeli actions including the humiliation of the Israeli authorities’ inspection of their families during visits, the policy of solitary confinement and a general lack of a response by the Israeli Prison Service to their demands.  The PPS said that the abuses taking place in these prisons are not acceptable under international law.

Al-Sayyad has been on hunger strike for twenty days and is said to be in poor health while Saadat has been placed in solitary confinement.

Over 7000 Palestinians have been detained in Israeli prisons and detention centres. Conditions in these jails are said to be poor and many prisoners suffer from chronic illnesses. According to some estimates up to one fifth of the Palestinian population has been imprisoned at some point since 1967. The future of these prisoners is considered a key element of any possible peace deal between Israel and Palestine.


March 28, 2011


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