A Voice in Israel

The Communist Party of Israel condemns Israel’s deadly repression in the Golan Heights, Gaza, the West Bank and southern Lebanon

The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) condemned  Israel’s deadly repression in the Golan Heights, Gaza, the West Bank and southern Lebanon where Israeli forces had fired to disperse pro-Palestinian protests.

As many as 16 were said killed by Israeli fire in incidents on the Syrian and Lebanese borders on Sunday, as Palestinians marked the 63rd anniversary of the expulsion from their homes. Also, an 18-year-old was killed and 125 others injured by Israeli fire during a march of Palestinians in Gaza toward the separation fence and Erez border with Israel on Sunday. The day, known as Yom An-Nakba in Arabic, commemorates the “Day of Catastrophe”, when the State of Israel was created, turning an estimated 800,000 Palestinians into refugees.

Mohammed Nafa’h, the CPI General Secretary, affirmed on communist historical position which stipulates that the just and permanent solution of the Palestinian cause is through recognizing the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people and their right in establishing their national state with sovereignty over all Palestinian territories that were occupied in 1967 with al-Quds (East Jerusalem) as its capital and to solve the Palestinian refugees cause in accordance with UN Resolution 194. According to Nafa’h “this is the sole path to achieve the two state solution, where the two states can live in peace and stability. Trying to circumvent the two state solution will only lead to consolidation of the state of occupation and denial of the rights of the Palestinian people in self-determination no matter how radical these solutions seem”.

CPI General Secretary calls to place in Israel a campaign against occupation and for an independent Palestinian state. The Communist Party of Israel calls all seekers of democracy and human rights in Israel, Jews and Arabs, to stand in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for national liberation, a decent livelihood and freedom, and to participate in a big rally that will be held in Tel-Aviv, on Saturday, June 4, in the eve of the 44rd anniversary of the Palestinian territories occupation.


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