Two poems and an album on the struggle in Kurdistan

Sherko Bekas: Separation

If from my poems
You wrench away the flower.
From the four seasons of my poetry
One of my seasons will die.

If you exclude love
Two of my seasons will die.

If you exclude bread
Three of my seasons will die.

And if you take away freedom
All four seasons and I will die.

Storm tide

The tide said to the fisherman:
There are many reasons
why my waves are in a rage.

The most important is
that I am for the freedom of the fish

and against
the net

The Kurdish poets are poets of a people whose language and culture has suffered under constant persecution.

With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1, an agreement is signed on the creation of an independent Kurdistan under Article 64 of the Treaty of Sèvres (1920). The treaty is never ratified and the autonomy clause eliminated in the Treaty of Lausanne (1923).

There was no longer any reference to the Kurdish people. They were divided, written off and isolated by the colonial borders of Iraq, Iran and Syria.

Sherko Bekas joins the Kurdish liberation movement in 1965 and works in the movement’s radio station, the ‘Voice of Kurdistan’, living for some years with the ‘peshmergas’, the freedom fighters of the land. After years of exle, he returns to Kurdistan in 1992.


Kurdistan – The Struggle of a People:


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